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Who's your friend who likes to play?

September 4, 2017

Who is your imaginary friend?



No I don't mean that I feel so lonely and I need to create an imaginary friend.


I want to introduce you Bing Bong


 (from disney.wikia.com)


He is Riley's imaginary friend in the movie "Inside Out".

He cries candies.......


Riley is growing up from a child to a teenager in the movie.

Her emotions become complicated.

Things become mixed with happiness and sadness. 

The whole movie uses some strange characters to describe Riley's emotions in her head.

Bing Bong is one of them.


He represents innocent childhood full of imagination and simple happiness.


He is forgotten and finally sacrifices himself to save another character "Joy":

 (from your brain)


I actually heard lots of people crying in that Bing Bong death scene in the cinema. 

I guess they suddenly find their Bing Bong dead long time ago also.



This is a good movie   (╥﹏╥)


Movies now always have endings with sacrifice. 



For example this blue man:



And this above average man:



Now time for me to find my Bing Bong again. 


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