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What if I told you

June 27, 2017

My English is bad but I want to share Meme

What if I told you...I am batman!

 People start to use this conditional sentence when Morpheus from the film Matrix said it in a very cool way (fake)

what if i told you the tragedy of darth plagueis the wise

 (from https://memegenerator.net)

So in case you have not watched Matrix


Look here:

It's obvious that people in this story are having tough lives. 

Let me teach you how to use this cool sentence:

 what if i told you i am one of the characters in one piece

 what if i told you i am daredevil

 what if i told you i am watching an animation called BOKU

 what if i told you, i first appeared in 2009, and 1000 years later if meme still exists and if you are still using this, i am still alone


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