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June 22, 2017

My English is bad but I want to share Meme

Introducing the Groot:


Let me tell you a story

 There was a big bad guy

 (photo by Marvel)


The big bad guy wants to conquer the whole galaxy but he does not speak all languages in the universe so

he uses google translate. Sadly it has not added languages outside Earth. (or already added without nanokumo knowing)


Then a blue robot gave him a thing called "Translation Gummy"

 But he could not use it due to franchise problems.


Now introducing "The Groot" in HD. It is in HD. So important that i tell u twice.


 (from great youtube)

The Groot knows all languages in the whole universe.

The Groot communicates with all species by just saying "I am Groot!!!"

Somehow like the Pokemon

 (from pokemon movie)

So BUY a Groot now!


Some random products here!






Ask Groot to help u speak everything!


Our customer who said "it is awesome!":


 (from guardian of the galaxy)


This post is definitely not an advertisement!

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